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I’m Tammy, a  Pre and Postnatal Specialist Trainer based in Adelaide, South Australia.  I have been in the Health and Fitness Industry for over 8 years, early on I noticed a huge gap in knowledge and misinformation surrounding exercise during pregnancy and postpartum. I used this as fuel to continue my education into Holistic Lifestyle Coaching, Functional Exercise Coaching, Pre and Postnatal Exercise Specialist, Diploma in Clinical Pilates and so much more. 


my mission. 

My main mission is to educate and empower women to understand their bodies, the changes that occur during pregnancy and how her posture alters as the baby grows. I want women to know how important that it is to work on living a healthy and active lifestyle before trying to get pregnant and how that can benefit you during and recovery afterwards. That you shouldn't be concerned and stop all exercise and activity because you are worried it will hurt the baby. There are so many options for women to continue moving and looking after their health and wellness during pregnancy and to help with the marathon which is “labour” and all the sleepless nights that are to be had.


Pre + Postnatal Specialist 


I created my Pre + Postnatal programming with the intention to educate and inspire women before, during and after pregnancy. 

As a Pre & Postnatal Exercise Specialist I endeavour to coach women to become their healthiest and strongest both physically and mentally before trying for a baby. 

I support women with education and steps to take during pregnancy to continue moving their body but how to adapt as the baby grows.

I encourage rest + repair postpartum to begin the healing process for the mother’s body, diastasis recti and any pelvic floor dysfunction.

Clients that have used my personalised Programming have felt stronger and more confident during pregnancy and have experienced a faster healing process postpartum.

x Tammy




I felt overwhelmed after the birth of my first child, I was the heaviest I had ever been, worried about exercising after a c-section and very unmotivated. Working with Tammy made me a stronger, fitter, healthier and most importantly a happier person.

I was amazed how much exercise I was allowed to do during my second pregnancy, something that I avoided first time around to my detriment. It was much easier to get back into the gym after the birth of my second child, I didn't feel like I was starting all over again. 

- Mumma of a toddler and a 3 month old


I started training with Tammy when I was 18 weeks pregnant. Tammy’s knowledge of the pregnant body and the changes that it undergoes over the nine month journey to birth was exceptional. Her individually tailored and diverse workouts allowed me to exercise up until I gave birth in a safe but challenging manner. I enjoyed these training challenges even on my most lethargic of days! I strongly believe that my level of fitness helped me endure a long and difficult labour without requiring significant interventions. I also credit this level of fitness with helping me in a speedy postnatal recovery and a desire to progressively return to gentle exercise. Tammy also assisted with improving eating habits and provided advice on posture and exercising at home. Her guidance through my pregnancy allowed me to feel healthy, confident and in control of my changing body.

- Mumma to one beautiful little girl


Tammy trained me through my first pregnancy and postpartum period and again recently through my second pregnancy. She was very knowledgeable about pregnancy exercise and I trusted her to guide me through what was right for my body at each stage. I had two wonderful pregnancies where I felt fit and strong and worked out until the week before giving birth and have recovered from both extremely well. I can't recommend Tammy highly enough for pre and postnatal fitness.

- Mumma to two little girls